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Bear River Reservoir copyright web-centric.net Bear River Reservoir in Amador County.

Web-centric currently supports a few selected non-profits in Amador County, and in Calaveras County, California, in Information Technologies. Sorry, we are no longer taking new clients at this time. For more about what Web-centric does, and a few highlights from the past, look at About. We do have a free download on cyber security for individuals and small businesses with some good advice and tips.

Historic Mines, Historic Towns, Living History

Some of the most famous mines in the California Mother Lode were located in Amador and Calaveras Counties. Mark Twain wrote about the area in his celebrated story "The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" after a memorable visit to the area. The two Counties were once one, but had a political "falling out" and an argument ensued over where the County Seat should be in Jackson, or Mokelumne Hill. As a result, the County of Amador (County Seat is Jackson) split off from the County of Calaveras (the County seat ended up being San Andreas).

County Attractions, Weather and Road Conditions

Mokelumne River copyright web-centric.net Here is a pleasant view of the North Fork of the Mokelumne River.

Handy guides to Amador County and Calaveras County Attractions. Two old-time County fairs are not to be missed. Pristine lakes and crystal clear trout streams beckon. Miles of great views and vistas in all four seasons. Starry, starry nights. Giant Redwoods. Boating. Fishing. Skiing. Camping. Wilderness. Mine Tours. Cave Tours. Gold Panning. Winerys. Festivals. Concerts. Plays. Casino.  If you'll be going, we include Road Conditions for the area and the Weather Outlook, plus a few hints and tips on how to have a great time.

Genealogy Musings

Many of the mines in the Gold Country of California employed hundreds and collectively thousands of miners from all over the United States and the world. The timber industry supplied wood for mine timbers, and building materials for the big cities of San Francisco, Stockton, Sacramento and more, employing hundreds more. Farming, sheep and cattle raising were important, and many pioneers moved to Amador and Calaveras Counties, lived, married, raised families and passed on, leaving their legacy in the history of the Counties. Many descendants of those early families are still here today.